Tips to Promote Your Blog Offline

In a previous post we discussed data and suggestions regarding how to increase your leads through your blog online and in this post we will take the discussion offline. Even if your company is 100% online your marketing efforts and toolkit must be fully integrated with offline marketing and communication strategies with your customers.

In a recent survey reported in HubSpot 90% of marketing professionals believe that using online data to strengthen the offline experience will be very or quite important. In addition 75% of the respondents also believe that cross-channel marketing strategies will be utilized in the near future by marketers

Include your blog address on your business cards.

Include your blog information in your newsletters. Consider including your most popular posts in your newsletter. Give your customers reasons to visit your blog such as discussion, feedback and comment forums, detailed white papers, coupons, etc.

Include your blog information in all your print and visual advertising.

Include your blog information on your brochures and fliers

Include your blog address in your classified ads including the yellow pages.

If at all possible include your blog info on your promotional giveaways such as mugs, calendars, t-shirts, etc.

Create a QR code for your blog address and print on t-shirts and other promotional material.

Use your offline advertising and marketing campaigns to direct customers to your blog content. Synchronize blog content with offline message and expand on information. Use offline advertising as a teaser – the godaddy TV commercials do a great job teasing viewers to go online.

Include blog information on your press releases and any press interviews.

Include blog information in speaking engagements and any promotional events. For example a company sponsors a 5K run. The event can be featured in the blog and all 5K participants can be given a coupon directing them to go online to redeem.

By combining your online with your offline promotional, marketing and advertising campaigns you will gain customers that are more engaged with your products which creates longer lasting and loyal customers, repeat business and referrals.

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Winter Marketing Ideas

Winter like any season brings with it unique opportunities for special promotions. Here are a few of our favorite ones as you get ready for the holidays.

Recipe Book – engage your customers to submit their favorite winter recipes and publish an online e-cookbook. Supplement with coupons for your products and services.

Tree Lighting Ceremony – invite your customers for hot chocolate and hot apple cider as you celebrate the season.

Online Alternative: have a virtual tea party at Facebook.

Twelve Days of Christmas – create a promotion with a different special for each day.

Winter Solstice – during the longest day of the year 12/21 or 12/22 is most often viewed as “rebirth.”  Have your customers write messages of hope for the New Year.

Online Alternative: have Facebook users write their messages online.

Chinese New Year – Offer coupons in red paper envelopes.

Online Alternative: create an email promotion using red envelopes as a graphic or send e-greeting cards.

Important Reminder

Use online Evite tools to organize and promote your winter celebrations. Don’t forget to capture your participants by having them sign your guest book. Use contact information in your online emarketing efforts.

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Overcoming Failure of Success in Sales and Marketing

Sales and marketing are sometimes the most difficult parts of a business as there can be considerable rejection and return on investment worries when it comes to various inside and outside sales techniques.

However since sales and marketing mainly consists of subjective interactions between people one should also examine one’s own goals, personal biases, and communication patterns. Negative past experiences may impact current strategies and relationships with clients. At times one’s own internal conversations have significant effects on sales and marketing efforts.

To turn the negative self conversations into positive ones try this self reflection. Research shows that our memories are subjective rather than objective and when we rewire our memories we are also simultaneously developing a new voice which will affect our interactions with our clients.

Step One

Create a column and title it Successes. Then make a list of five successes in your life that you are particularly proud of – these can be both small and significant successes. Start your list with the most recent successes.

Step Two

Title the second column – Why. Next to each of your successes write down in one or two words reasons why these successes are important to you or what they produced in your life.

Step Three

Title the third column – How. Now for each success write down in a few words the characteristics or actions that represented how you achieved the successes.


By completing this very simple exercise you will come to see a pattern and a personalized guideline for how to proceed with your present goals and how to overcome objections and fears.

Here is an example of the above model.

Promotion-desired higher salary-worked overtime hours

Birth of child-wanted closeness and connection to family-commitment

College graduation-desired respect in workplace-driven to finish within four year period

Examining the patterns here we can see that a strong emotional desire is needed with a commitment to time and work to achieve a desired goal. While our lives sometimes look as though we move through different stages, in reality these are not just stages but subtle decisions that we make that reflect our personal values. So moving forward, when you feel as though you are setting up mental blocks to your current stated goals – you might want to re-evaluate your reasons for these goals and how strong is your emotional desire to achieve them. If you’re convinced that your goals are indeed emotionally worthwhile then all you have to do is replicate the how you earned your past successes!

You will come to see that achievement is always tied to a certain degree of intensity. This intensity is a consequence of your emotional attachment to your goal. Your brain sees the accomplishment of your goal as being associated with a highly emotionally charged payback.

Stay tuned for how to identify your negative triggers.

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Building Leads Online via Your Business Blog

In a HubSpot report about social media and ROI 69% of companies reported that blogging contributed to their lead generation. The survey also found that companies which blog attract 55% more website visitors than those that do not. Most respondents (75%) believed that search engine optimization was the main factor in achieving these results.

These findings indicate that the marketing of a business blog is just as vital as writing and developing content. But many companies do not go the extra mile to market their content as this may become too overwhelming and time consuming. This is where some companies found that outsourcing some or all of their blog activities to be helpful.

Here are a few suggestions on marketing your business blog with the intent to build leads and increase sales for your company.

The top social network sites to maintain a presence include Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

For example according to HubSpot companies with 301 to 1,000 Twitter followers have over four times more leads than those with 1 to 25 followers.  When it comes to Facebook companies with 501-1,000 fans have 3.5 times more traffic than those with 1 to 25 fans four times more leads.

Consistent and regular new content will increase search engine traffic to your blog. The frequency of your posts matters and is important to search engines as indicated in this graph by HubSpot.

Pay attention to the types of posts that get the most traffic and refine your content to reflect interest.

Pay attention to were your traffic is coming from and then increase your marketing efforts within those platforms.

Pay attention to your comments and engage with your readers.

Create call to action buttons throughout your blog such as white paper downloads, newsletter, email subscriptions, RSS feeds, social sharing buttons etc.

Develop an affiliate marketing program.

Stay tuned to an article on how to market your blog offline.

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Demographics of a Social Networker

According to Pew Research 65% of online adults use social network sites and for the first time in the last year this figure is over 50%. What does this finding mean to you? It is imperative that your company maintains its online presence online.

Here are a other key finding of the report.

In an average day, 43% of online adults use social networking and only email (61%) and search engines (59%) are used more frequently during a typical day.

While young adults are the largest age demographic, it is interest and important to note that among online users 65 and older the use of social networks has grown by 150% between 2009 and 2011. Among the baby boomer generation social networks usage has doubled from 25% to 51%. Companies should not ignore these figures and dismiss social media as only a trend among young adults.

In another report by Pew connections with friends and family was the main reason adults use social network websites such as Facebook and Twitter. However among older adults using social networks to connect with people around a hobby or interest was also significantly important.

Other Demographic Findings by Pew Research

Full Report Can Be Viewed at:  and

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